Megan O'Neill


It's Spring Time!!!


Today is March 1st, the end of winter... Thank God! But I definitely cannot complain about what this Winter brought for me in terms of my music. Emigrating to London, a new band of incredible musicians and songwriters, my first few gigs in London, finishing the recording of my first EP and making a start on the second, a live performance on BBC Radio and so much more. I feel very fortunate to have had all of those experiences over this past season and I look forward to this Spring and Summer and making more lasting memories.

So this past week I gigged at the Bedford in Balham which is a gorgeous venue. The show was a blast and they offered us a longer slot on May 20th, so mark the date in your diary guys! The gig was broadcast live online and we got some great feedback from our performance. If you want to catch a sneakpeak of the gig you can follow this link and skip to about 1 hour in - that's where you will see us!

So with all that guys, March is going to packed with some writing and recording and April and May are lining up to be jam packed as well. So excited for all the music ahead so stay tuned, it's coming your way! Be sure to check out my facebook and website for all the upcoming news and show details.Thanks again for joining the mailing list and for following me on this exciting path. I hope to see you all again... very soon!

All my love and well wishes,

Meg xx