Megan O'Neill


December 2013

Hey all!

So it's December... WOAH! How did that happen? It's crazy how fast the time goes!

Just a short blog entry for y'all with some exciting news.

TOMORROW (Wednesday Dec 11th) I will be LIVE on the Alan Simpson Show on BBC Radio Ulster with my two wonderful guitarists Dan and Joe!!!! 

We will be live on air at 3.30pm for a bit of a sing-song and a chat.

You can listen in by following the link below. But never fear... If you miss out on the Live show, you can always listen back (again by following the link below). Tomorrow's episode will be available online for a week or so after the air date. We'll be doing a few originals and talking about what the future holds... Very excited for it!

That's all for today. Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas shopping. I can't wait to get back to Ireland in just a few short weeks and enjoy some family time, food and festivities.

Lots of love! xx

And LISTEN in if you can! Tomorrow... 3.30pm!!