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October 2016 UK Tour Diary - Day 6 - Cardiff

On first hearing the finished mix of our single Blessing Or A Curse (now available to download FREE for a limited time), Kesh nearly said a very nice and touching thing. 

He said the slide guitar solo on it was the best guitar solo I've ever done.

I say this was nearly nice and touching. There's one problem.

It's a lapsteel solo played by our producer Guy Fletcher.

It's actually the only guitar solo on our upcoming EP that I didn't play.

When I told him this Kesh spent the next five and a half minutes laughing.

Anyway, I'm half Welsh on my dad's side and it turns out my Grampy actually once managed tonight's Cardiff venue, The Globe, when my dad and grandparents lived round the corner. Later the crowd obligingly raise a rousing cheer for my Grampy, who passed away years ago but can evidently still get a cheer in Cardiff.

We soundcheck and I have a drink in a pub round the corner with my cousin and his wife, who live in Cardiff and are coming to the show. 

I meet them early as there's no time for a beer after our set - CC Smugglers needed a keyboard player for a few gigs and in Norwich in my pushy way I offered to sit in with them on keys.

They auditioned me in an extended soundcheck and I played on their show that night, quite possibly because they didn't have much choice, but they've been kind enough to ask me back for tonight's gig and a few more on the rest of their tour.

Don't worry. I drank CC Smugglers' too.

Don't worry. I drank CC Smugglers' too.

I make light of the political quandary over which dressing room to use by hanging out in both and drinking beer from both bands' riders. This form of diplomacy I can happily get with.

In our makeshift VIP area on the first floor balcony we watch the opening band, whose lead guitarist is evidently not above awarding himself a solo or two, and I remark to anyone who'll listen that the Threads should have more guitar solos in our songs. 

"Megan!" I shout in her ear over the band whilst pointing at the wailing guitar. "We should have more guitar solos in our band!"

Megan smiles at me patiently. I turn to Tom.

"Tom!" I shout in Tom's ear. "See? They have loads of guitar solos. Guitar solos are cool. We should have more guitar solos in our songs."

Tom nods and smiles at me patiently. I try Kesh.

"Kesh!" I shout in his ear. "I should do more guitar solos in our band!"

"Great idea!" he shouts back. "We'll ask Guy to write you one."

Snivelling smart-arsed Scottish shitbag.

It's midweek in a town we've not played before, and we go on to a crowd that's bigger than sparse but smaller than full, so the Good Cop / Bad Cop routine to get the stragglers up to the front gets an airing earlier in the set this time, and again, people are only too happy for an excuse to get nearer the stage. They sing along pretty well too. Praise the Lord, we're a musical nation. It's a nice way to round off the UK leg of the tour and we're playing better together now too, with the onstage sound particularly good for a change.

As I'm about to go on for the CC Smugglers set I think I hear Kesh muttering "pellow" (puzzled? See Bristol tour diary entry) but I ignore the biting edge of his Highland satire.

One gig left - Ireland in a couple weeks...

Hot hardcore guitarist-on-bassist action. Actually a delightfully touching scene.

Hot hardcore guitarist-on-bassist action. Actually a delightfully touching scene.