Megan O'Neill


Happy New Year!

Jeez 2016 really came flying around, right?

New Years Resolution... Be better at writing this blog. Does it matter that I don't really believe in the whole New Years Resolution thing? Oh well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and festive season. I spent some time at home in Ireland with my family (which is always a treat) & then jetted off to India for three weeks for a bit of an adventure. It was a really great few weeks away from London-City-Madness & now I feel revitalised and ready to tackle the New Year. 

2016 is shaping up to be really exciting! I've gone & got myself a full-band and we're ready to create a little madness in the UK music scene... Starting with our first show on February 11th. Come join us if you can & be among the first people to EVER hear 'Megan & The Common Threads' live!

Cool name right? I hope you guys think so. I wanted to change some things up so that it would be 'Megan & The ...' but it took an age to come up with something everyone liked. I think we're all pretty happy now with 'Megan & The Common Threads' and if you ask me nicely I might even explain to you all why we picked that name! 

Hope to see you all very soon & one of our shows. We have a few lined up:

Looking forward to the year ahead - I hope you all are too!

Meg xx

PS: Some pics below of a studio session we did right before Christmas. Can't wait to share the videos & live recordings from that session with you all soon!