Megan O'Neill


Kicking off the Summer

Hey ya’ll.

Time for another update to keep you all from guessing what’s going on.

The past month has been a very exciting one here in London. I’ve been crazy busy planning gigs, video-shoots, photo-shoots and of course rehearsing as much as possible all the while with Dan and Joe. Since March was a quiet month for live shows, we got some time as a band to do some song writing which has been amazing!! Song writing for me is like therapy – food for the soul – so I’m always delighted when I get some time to really focus on that. It makes me feel lighter.

April and May won’t be so quiet though in terms of live shows. We have quite a few gigs in the pipeline (check them out on Facebook and on my ‘Tour’ page here on the website) which I am really excited about. It will be great to kick-off the summer with some exciting live performances, great new country tunes and jam-packed music venues - with YOU in the front row! I’m so excited and I hope you all are too, so please do come join us if you can. 

Aside from the song writing, the upcoming shows, the hours of rehearsal and the future planning; I also have some other news …

Many of you have probably already heard the news through Facebook but for those of you who haven’t… I just recently signed a management deal!

The management company are ‘Milestone Management’ and they are simply fantastic. I am so happy to be working with such a talented, motivated and supportive team and I am excited to see what the coming few months have in store for us. We are already taking effective steps and making incredible plans for the remainder of 2014 so be sure to watch this space.

 Hope everyone is doing great and I'll see you at the next show.

Thanks for reading and following... your support means the world.