Megan O'Neill


Remember September?

Remember September? I don’t! I feel like I blinked and missed the whole month! It’s already winter now and only 10 weeks to Christmas… AAAHHH!!

September was a fantastic month though – which is probably why it flew by. I got to head back over the Atlantic and visit the US again; 4 days in Nashville followed by 5 days in Miami. It was such a brilliant holiday. Writing some new music in Nashville, catching up with old friends, seeing some killer live country-music, dancing in cowboy boots and singing karaoke (of course!).

Miami was a blast too but definitely a different vibe than Music City! Instead of cowboy hats and honky tonk bars we had tattoo parlours, fresh coconuts and cocktail happy hours (not complaining!). We had a great time exploring Miami South Beach and an amazing weekend of wedding celebrations.

Then it was back to London – all too soon – and winter has really started to kick in. Only home three weeks and my tan has definitely faded! But it’s great to be back here rehearsing, writing, recording and preparing for the next few shows.

Pencil it in Londoners… October 24th we’re going to be rocking the Spice of Life in Soho. I can’t wait!

Check out the ‘Live Shows’ page here on my site for more info and tickets. Hope to see y’all soon.

Love – Meg xx