Megan O'Neill


Nashville (Sept 2013)

Here I am! Back again. And I'm not going to lie it feels so so so great to be back here! The weather is beautiful, the people are as warm and welcoming as ever, the food is killer, the coffee is to DIE for and the grapefruits are on steroids (the size of my head... seriously!!).  

I'm back here for two weeks staying with a dear friend and I'll be writing almost every day with some of the best songwriter's here in town. I'm definitely feeling extremely lucky and very blessed; there is someone up there looking after me big time! Hopefully by the end of these coming two weeks I'll have some new material to work with, some answers as to where my career might potentially be going and maybe even a tan too!

Huge thank you to everyone here in Nashville who is supporting me, helping me out in every way that they possibly can and giving me the chance to be here; surrounded by some of the greatest musicians in the world!  I won't name names but to those people I cannot express enough gratitude. I am here because of them; writing, recording and learning so much about myself and about this industry. 

2013... What a year you have been so far! 

I will have some news and some new music to share soon... Keep an eye out!!