Megan O'Neill


Home to Ireland... And it's actually sunny!

Hey everyone!! 

So I'm back in my home country now, enjoying this incredible weather that we're having (meaning I'm doing very little song-writing!!) and catching up with lots of family and friends. It definitely feels good to be home, although of course in many ways I am missing Nashville.

The past few weeks have been mellow enough 'music-wise' since arriving home. I've been giving my voice (and my body) a little bit of a rest after the craziness that was Nashville... Constant song-writing, singing, studio time and networking! The downtime has been great in the comforts of home and it has given me time to focus on the networking and media-side of having a music career (new music videos, new songs to upload and of course this website thanks to the wonderfully talented Steve Schwartz!!). The relaxing down-time is coming to a close though as the next few weeks are going to get busy again with plenty of meetings, studio sessions and song-writing appointments. I'll also be making some trips over to London in preparation for the big move there this coming August/September time. I'm very excited to move to London... And there are some pretty exciting things in store for me there... (Watch this space!!). 

For the meantime I've got lots of new music from my time in Nashville uploaded on my soundcloud account and on this new website. I've also uploaded two new, professionally shot music videos that were filmed in Nashville thanks to two of my dear friends; Paul Brown and Billy Austin. Check them out on my 'Videos' page! They're both co-written with Paul Brown and performed obviously by moi!!

This is just so cool!!!! I cannot believe I'm blogging on my own website!!! AAAAHHH. Please do check it out. Lots of new photos, videos, sounds, blogs and cool quirky website-things that I don't know an awful lot about but they look AWESOME!! Thanks again to the amazing Steve Schwartz! He's such a super talented designer... I got very lucky there!!

Very exciting times ahead guys... Lots more recording to do so expect plenty of new songs in the coming weeks and some new photos and videos too.

This is just the beginning!!

Meg xx