Megan O'Neill


Nashville Goodbye's... (May 2013)

Hey everyone!

So my time in Nashville is coming to a close. Emotions are definitely high this week leaving but it's always good to leave a place that you love on a high... With great experiences, achievements and memories. Nashville has been so good to me, in so many ways. I've met some of the most incredible people, I've experienced what life is like living and breathing nothing but music every day and I've achieved more than I ever thought possible when I first hopped a flight from Dublin to here! It's definitely had it's tough moments too but my God, it's been one hell of a journey!

Anyway, enough of the emotional stuff or I may start getting teary!!! 

The past few weeks have been really manic. I've spent my days hopping from studio to studio, recording as much as I can before I leave. If you want to check out what I'm sounding like these days and what I've been writing please do...

There are new songs being uploaded daily at the moment!!!

When I haven't been in the studio, I've been busy writing with some great friends and great writer's here in town. It seems that right before I'm leaving, I'm writing the best songs I've ever written and they just keep coming. I hope this creative streak doesn't run out the minute I hit home!! I also spent a magical night this week recording not one, not two but THREE music videos!! The videos were shot in my dear friend Paul's house in his beautiful open living room with huge long windows, wood floors, a big stone fire place and with just a grand piano and moi! We kicked off the shoot at 8pm (once I had my face on and I was all ready for action!!) and didn't finish up until close on 1am but every second was just magical. One of the best experiences of my life to date. I can't wait to see the finished product... I should have the videos in about ten days or so!

So that's the 'scoop' as they say. I'm very sad to be leaving but excited for what the future has to hold for me and my career. No doubt I will be back in Nashville soon enough for a few weeks of writing and recording (fingers crossed anyway!). 

I'll leave you guys with a few pictures from the past few weeks. 

Hope you are all well, happy and healthy and for those of you at home, I'll see you very soon! xxx