Megan O'Neill


London - New City, New Scene, New Start!

Hey everyone!

What an insane year it has been so far. Nashville - Dublin - New York & CT - Nashville - Dublin - Nashville - New York - Dublin - LONDON!

To be honest, as exciting as the year has been, I am kind of ready to settle in one place for a little while. Find my feet, stop living out of a suitcase, stop being horribly broke all the time!!! Just to have very normal day-to-day things like a gym membership and a phone bill and a local pub and a job where I will actually start making money (because we all know music doesn't pay very well!). So it has been an incredible year but I am definitely ready for some stability and routine. Although ask me again in a few months and maybe my wants will be different... The grass is always greener! 

For now, here I sit in a little coffee shop in Greenwich (my new place of residence!). The weather has turned wintery overnight so it's cold out but a nice, brisk cold which allows for cosy, winter clothes and hats and scarves. I've got a new place to live, a temporary job and I've already met with some incredible music people in town so all in all; first week in London = not at all bad! I can't wait though to really 'know' London. All the in's and out's and cool places to visit and shows to go see and of course I obviously can't wait to get a band together and start playing my own shows. Patience has never been my virtue so I wan't all of those things yesterday!! But good things comes to those who wait (and work really hard while they're waiting!!).

I definitely want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have helped me out so much already with music and finding work and just settling-in here in London in general. I won't name names but you know who you are. It's been great to have a network here already of people that are so kind and helpful and welcoming. Of course I also want to thank all of the wonderful people who made my year in Nashville so special. It is truly like a second home to me now and as much as I love London already, I will always miss Nashville and all of the incredible friends and family I have there now. 


So London... Please treat me well! I'm excited for what's ahead and as always, I will keep y'all posted on everything that happens! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for following! 

Meg xxx