Megan O'Neill


I'm a Terrible Blogger (Oops)!

By Megan O'Neill

Hey everyone!

So I’ve come to the realisation that I am a really bad blogger. Oops! My last post was FEBRUARY. Crikey… A lot has happened since then. But I’ll condense it right down and fit it all in one post… Deal?!


So since February I’ve been having a grand oul’ time between playing at Country2Country Music Festival at the 02 in London, song-writing with some fantastic writers and musicians in Ireland and the UK and flying back out to LA for another stint in the sun in June… It’s been a crazy few months but such a great time.

C2C festival back in March was incredible. It really opened my eyes to the fact that the Country Music scene in the UK is taking off (big time!) and there is a huge audience for it here. It kind of felt like being thrown right back in to the Nashville scene… Cowboy boots, Stetson hats and tassel shirts everywhere! I met the wonderful people of W21 Music that weekend at the O2, as well as loads of other artists, songwriters & musicians. It was definitely a weekend I won’t forget anytime soon. I’m already looking forward to C2C 2016. Who’s on board?

April then came and went (far too fast!). I spent most of my time writing and recording that month and preparing for the big day (May 1st); the release of my Debut EP ‘Coming Home’. It was such an exciting time and the response to the release was phenomenal. May 1st was a very important day for me and for everyone who worked with me on the EP. I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to my fellow co-writers on the EP tracks, my producer Philip Magee, the musicians who worked on the recordings, my incredibly hard-working Managers Brian & Ciaran, my super-talented band-mates Dan & Tom and of course to my family and my friends for being so supportive always. This year has been a pretty crazy one so far and I’m so grateful to you all for the constant support and love (and for those little shoves in the right direction when I need them most…!).

Fast forward another few weeks… It’s already June and I’m flying back out to sunny LA. The weather was so beautiful and OF COURSE I got sun-burnt. I am Irish after all. 

LA this time around was chock-o-blocked with writing sessions, meetings, gigs and a music-video shoot for the title track on my EP ‘Coming Home’. I had so much fun the entire time I was there & met so many wonderful people. Huge shout out to the main-man Jamin Bricker who did a KICK-ASS job on my new music video. It was officially released just yesterday on the interwebs so you can all check it out now here.

Seriously fun times!

So I’m back in London now; working away on new songs, playing some London shows and festivals and planning more work trips this Autumn to Ireland and LA. My band and I just played a great show with the wonderful Laura Oakes for her own EP launch this past month too which was a great time. I was joined on stage for one song (a newbie) by a great friend & very well-known musician which sent the crowd social-media crazy! That friend was the male-half of the incredible country-music duo ‘The Shires’. Ben and I have written a few new songs together which I’m excited for you all to hear soon.

So that’s the craic so far and man, 2015 feels like a bit of a blur… but it’s a pretty beautiful blur and I plan on it staying that way!

Please check out the new video on YouTube and share it with your people & your world if you feel so inclined. Also if you haven’t had a listen to my EP yet please do. It’s available on iTunes NOW…

I promise to try and become a better blogger in the future.

Keep safe peeps & have a GREAT summer!

Meg - Xx

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