Megan O'Neill


Ireland Banter - #Grand

By Megan O'Neill

Hello everyone!

Well, it's been a while but all with good reason. 

I’ve just returned to London after an incredible weekend at home in Ireland recording and shooting some new photos for upcoming promos. It was so good to get back home to my roots for a few days and see some familiar faces, get creative in the studio and record new material, jot down future plans and snap some new photos. I had an amazing few days. I’m genuinely sad it’s over.

Huge shoutouts to my amazing management team, producer, band and the 4 geniuses who made me look better than my usual self on Monday for my photo-shoot. You are all going on the Christmas card list… That’s for sure! (#grand)

The next few weeks will be very exciting as the results of this past week’s hard work are unleashed. I can’t wait to hear the tracks once they’re mixed and ready to go. I have just seen a sneaky preview from the photo-shoot too. God it’s incredible what a great stylist can do combined with a professional hair and make-up artist. I need to get better at applying the cake-bake I think!

I can’t wait to share all this new material with y’all but you’ll have to patient with me for now I’m afraid. It will be a few weeks before anything goes public. But... if you check out my social media sites you may just find some behind the scenes footage from the weekend!

Please do stay in touch and follow me on twitter, facebook, and here on my website.

Also, there are a few more gigs in the pipeline for July and August. There will be various posters and invites flying around for those shows (as always!) so just keep an eye out.

Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the summer sunshine and hope to see y’all soon.